Sneaking out. And in.

I look out my window. The same window which I am about to sneak out. The same window I’d been using for my regular escapes into the woods since I arrived to this house. It won’t ever feel the same again. My little runaways were no longer a secret.

Caroline is the only one who knows it, at least that’s what she told me. Jumping through the window to the tree, and climbing all the way down, is not an acceptable behaviour for a young woman. At least not in the perfect and stunning Kingdom of Ridaura. But that is not the reason why she has kept it. She has found how to take good advantage of my escaping skills.

“You have a talent that should be used to help”, she said. “You should be using your ability to serve the community”. She tried to convince me in that sense, explaining to me how conveniently I could “gather underlying information vital to the matchmaking process”. I still doubt whether spying on my neighbours could count as “serving the community”. But here I am, getting ready to embrace the night.

The Tellium brothers, the five most coveted young men in the Kingdom, are camping out tonight. Caroline thinks that they might use this time to catch up with each other, and that I should try to find hints about their inclinations, if nothing more relevant. Their potential reaction if I get discovered makes me uncomfortable with this task.

I think I am ready. Better not to think too much. I look out my window. The same window which I am about to sneak out.