About Knights & Damsels App

The technological advances which have occurred over the past decades have had a dramatic impact on the way we interact with our environment, especially with respect to the way we socialize with others and how we establish relationships. Finding love now seems to be uniform, a mechanical task and highly digitized.

From Knights and Damsels (K&D) we plan to prove that love and the digital world can play in the same team. That is why we have developed a dating app where users can find their Knight in shining armour or chase charming Damsels.

The app is currently invite only, where a user is able to step into character selecting whether they are a Knight, King, Court Jester, Prince Charming or a Princess, Fair Maiden, Damsel in Distress or even a Busty Wench. The sign up process is quick and visual based on selecting criteria via button selection such as facial features, build and age rather than writing lengthy descriptions. The users also select what types they are interested in and this is as far as our match making algorithm goes!

Undoubtedly, the most exciting part of the app is to become a beautiful Princess or charming Knight. Using the device’s inbuilt camera, the user is able to take a shot of themselves wearing a costume provided digitally within the app, and then make further enhancements by adding accessories and various camera filters to produce a true representation of the users inner character while creating a unique profile picture.

We all have a charming inner self eager to be freed. Hence, we encourage the apps users to customize their characters as much as possible in order to express their personalities. Once the profile is set, let the games commence!

With a user-friendly interface, K&D is planning to provide a safe platform for people seeking to enjoy from this experience by providing a Knights code of conduct, sending virtual themed gifts to show interest or invites to events, finding love by location or by private messaging via scrolls sent by royal decree. The app can be used by people looking for their best half, or those whom may be interested in something less serious. We aim to deliver the best possible customer experience! To achieve this, we will also be organizing different themed events such as masquerades or fairy tale parties, perfect for breaking the ice. Because the game has never been more interesting and we all deserve our own fairy tale love story.



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